Focus on clients, outsource the magic


Large companies worldwide are always looking for extending their teams, keeping low costs and high quality. Outsourcing the efforts for building great solutions keeping focused on the business was a smart decision for these companies. This is in essence our work for some of our clients in Fortune 500. As top performers we reach millions of users working in multidisciplinary teams to create word-class mobile apps. Nearshoring is a tendency with many advantages for solving large scale projects in a cost-effective way keeping high quality, Fortune 500 companies know that!

How do you measure an app success?


Is your app giving a real value to your customers? A promotions mobile app has a lesson to teach us about user retention. We worked side by side with Banco Agrícola in a promotions mobile app to keep clients loyalty and increase sales. Supported by previous study for gathering options and preferences that users wanted, focusing on clients and user experience more than the actual product, we develop an application with 85% of returning visitors after 6 months. In a normal context, a retention of 50%-60% is a great success, beside Banco Agrícola we broke the limits!


When engagement and monetization converge


In 2015 La Prensa Gráfica celebrated 100 years and they wanted to going viral with a game that made buzz about the event. The goal, use the game as a marketing tool for getting attention from people and celebrate all together the special moment. We decided to create a trivia game, we were accomplish the goal, but we wanted to go a step further, so we proposed to add “sponsored questions” as a way to monetize the game and adding LPG’s clients to the party. Overall results? In a 2 months campaign we got an average usage of 25 minutes/day per user and 6 satisfied LPG’s clients with a new top-of-mind methodology. Thanks to La Prensa Gráfica for inviting us to the party!

Emotions that drive to sales!


Real state is a growing market in Central America which need more and more a way to catch the attention of potential customers, even more when the urban development projects are growing far from the main cities. How to show these projects to people without losing the overall experience? With virtual reality! We manage to save a 40 min trip and change it for an interactive experience in popular malls reaching thousand of potential customers totally amazed about how they can interact with the model of the house. Emotions where the key to make a mark about the brand and its projects!